Friday, October 27, 2023

fair and square finish

 I had this quilt on the maybe someday list until 2017, when, I decided to really make it. I started the string piecing, off and on, until, I finished the blocks in 2019.  Next, I spent some time making little 4 patches. It is all made with recycled shirt fabric, except the black. I love shirt fabric. It is vibrant and cozy.

The quilt became part of the 5 quilts project in 2022  I don't remember why it was not quilted then, but, instead visited the to be quilted closet, until, now.

Now it is finished - hooray- I chose this as my one monthly goal for October.

82 x 104 = 25 yards

this is my 24th UFo finish for the year

my October PHD report 

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  1. Congratulations on your finish! It always feels good to complete a project especially if it has been around for awhile!

  2. Hooray for you! I like the red/gray vibe of this scrappy quilt.

  3. Fantastic quilt! Love the shirt fabrics! I'm glad I'm not the only one who finishes quilts in stages.

  4. It is lovely to see a long term project reach the finish line. Well done.

  5. Wow! Such a fun scrappy quilt. Congrats on the finish and your PHD report for the year. I'd say your strategy for finishing up UFOs really worked for you this year.

  6. Fabulous quilt finish. Love the scrappiness.

  7. That is a beautiful quilt. All those shirtings add to the glimmeriness of the whole thing!! LOVE it!

  8. Lovely finish! Love how the shirtings look in this. You are right--so cozy! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.